World’s Strongest Country Struggling And Failing To Slow Down The Effects Of COVID-19: The United States Of America 2021

World’s Strongest Country Struggling And Failing To Slow Down The Effects Of COVID-19: The United States Of America 2021

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All over the world, the U.S. once again crossed a COVID-19 mark much faster than any country. The number of COVID-19 cases are increasing exponentially in the U.S.

Within a year after the coronavirus(COVID) epidemic was announced a pandemic, according to the Johns Hopkins University dashboard, on Monday the U.S. government registered 500,000th death in their records. That’s more than twice the COVID-19 casualty recorded in Brazil, which is in the second position in the list of affected countries in the world.


Statements Given By The President & Famous Personalities Of U.S. On Coronavirus-

In White House, President Joe Biden pays tribute to all lives lost at a Monday evening funeral, drawing on his own experience with emotional breakdown to personalize the unnatural tragedy. To reduce the spread of this virus President urged people to wear masks and avoid heavy gatherings. He especially mentioned the number of lives lost during the pandemic is higher than the number of U.S. soldiers who died in all the wars held before.

“The lives we lost were extraordinary. They spanned generations,” Biden said. “Born in America, emigrated to America. Many people took their final breath on this land. We can’t simply accept such a cruel destiny for us. While we’re fighting this epidemic pandemic for so long, we have to resist becoming insensate to the sorrow.”

“Don’t clap, don’t give me baked goods,’’ emergency room doctor Eric Cioe-Peña replied to people appreciating him for his contribution. “I don’t need any of that. I need you to wear a mask and not get affected by this virus.’”
20% death rate and 25% COVID-19 cases have registered in the U.S. logs. The endless hours of trudge amongst death and suffering have taken a heavy toll on health care workers like doctors, nurses, who are exhausted and frustrated with those who won’t follow public health guidelines pointed at the restraining transmission of the COVID.

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Measures To Control COVID-19

Our nation reaches what Dr Anthony Fauci has called a “terribly historic milestone,’’ there are signs of healthy days ahead. Not only have infections, hospitalizations and deaths been dwindling since a post-holiday spike in January, but some highly effective vaccines are ready to get injected in millions of American arms, and still some companies are working on it.
We are struggling with time as COVID-19 is spreading all over the country and it will soon touch the next wave.

As the effort for making vaccination is going ahead all over the world, the public health officials are preaching vigilance and urging people to follow health guidelines masking, social distancing, hand washing and avoiding large gatherings can slow the COVID-19 wave.

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