Latest Refrigerator Technologies : 2021

Latest Refrigerator Technologies : 2021

Dual Invertor Compressor

What does a compressor do? The compressor allows the inward and outward movement of refrigerants in the refrigerators through heat exchange pipes. When the temperature of the refrigerator crosses the defined limit the single-speed compressor at full speed.

Unlike the single speed compressors which ran at high speed, the speed of the digital inverter compressor can be adjusted. This technique maintains a consistent temperature inside the refrigerator. The other advantages that add up to the list are that it reduces carbon footprints, is a little cheap, and also makes less noise and hence, increases the time-span of the compressor.

This is one of the major innovations which has changed the entire course of buying the refrigerators so this is the first and the most important point to be considered while buying a refrigerator.

Advanced Power Backup Technology

For the locations which have a good number of power cuts, looking for a refrigerator which has a good power backup technology is the major requirement. Due to longer power cuts the refrigerators need to be smart enough to handle such conditions efficiently. The modern refrigerators come with Advanced Power Backup Technology.

The voltage fluctuations can also cause a huge damage to the refrigerator and even the food kept inside the refrigerators can also be destroyed if the refrigerator isn’t able to handle the power cut situation.

The power backup system of the refrigerator includes a cooling gel. It is the cooling gel that does the magic of making a refrigerator intelligent of handling the problem of longer power cuts. The cooling gas that is released in the fridge whenever there is a power cut which keeps the fridge cool for a longer time and no food kept inside the fridge gets deteriorated.

Uniform Cooling Technology

The refrigerators keep the food safe and fresh for a long period of time. For the food to be preserved for a long time it needs to be cooled down kept cool so the cooling gas needs to reach every nook and corner of the refrigerator.

Uniform Cooling Technology makes sure that every corner of the refrigerator is cooled down and food is safe and fresh for a quite a long time.The vegetables and fruits remain crisp for a longer period when kept inside a refrigerator rather than in the room temperature.

Ever wondered why does this happen?

There are fans and vents kept inside the refrigerator which covers every nook and corner of the refrigerator, the air is circulated through these vents which keeps the inside temperature quite low and keeps the food fresh.

Active Fresh Technology

If the refrigerator cannot keep the fruits and vegetables fresh then what is the fun of even buying such a refrigerator?
Old technology refrigerators were a bit compromising in terms of freshness for longer periods but the modern technology refrigerators provide its consumers with the fruits and vegetables for a longer time. The active fresh technology provides such facility.

One of the reason for early ripening of fruits and vegetables for compact spaces inside a refrigerator which did not let the cooling gas reach every corner but the modern refrigerators are quite spacious which do not let fruits and vegetables to ripe soon.

In addition to this, the refrigerators have an anti-microbial additive which keeps the fruits and vegetables from ripening. It does not let the bacteria to develop in the food and destroy it. Zeolith Technology is the latest technology which is present in most of the refrigerators these days helps to fight out such issues in the fridges.

Internal Water Dispenser

The innovation of Internal Water Dispenser has changed the traditional water dispensing technology used. Earlier, there were external water dispensers. But the internal water dispenser lets the customer receive fresh ice in any form as soon as the lever of the dispenser is pressed.
The internal fridge provides absolutely clean water. The best thing about these internal dispensers is that there is no need for a dispenser as it is fitted inside.

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