Do u know what are jelly nails?

False nails have been given a whole new makeover as people get creative with their ideas and thoughts
There have been nails with a pregnant Kylie Jenner on them, net, toothpaste, ice-cream cones, cow udders, piercings, holes, photos, and pens all turned into falsies.
Manicures have a new trend now as it seems you can get virtually anything done on your nails.
And now jelly nails have made a great entry in the nails world.
Jelly nails are also known as glass nails due to their transparency.
Jelly Nails are the talk of the USA because they are way different from regular fake nails, which have a block of color, jelly nails are see-through.
Sometimes they can be clear, or colored with a translucent effect.

How do you achieve the look?

If you want something exquisite next time you get a manicure, then ask for these.
These nails can be achieved by a regular nail technician, or if you’re feeling courageous you can try to create them at home with a pre-bought set.
They can be recreated by adding a clear tip to the end of your nail, or the extension can be carved with a clear gel.